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Samantha Horn brings extensive experience in rural land use and natural resource policy to create new insight into today’s most pressing issues.After more than two decades in leadership positions in natural resource policy agencies and the nonprofit environmental sector, Samantha provides consulting services to public, private, and nonprofit clients.

Our Work

Braided Planet Consulting, LLC, provides advising services, policy research and analysis, and project management and implementation. The company’s focus is on decision-making processes at the intersection of people, climate, and habitat. Climate change is upending our communities’ plans for the future and demanding quick, informed, and flexible decision making from all sectors of our society. Braided Planet Consulting, LLC, can help you clarify choices and improve outcomes while providing a flexible alternative to recruiting specialized staff for your organization. For projects with technical or expanded staff needs, Samantha has established partnerships to add additional capacity, including GIS and analytical expertise, when needed. Let’s find solutions together!

  • Integration of community, climate, and habitat in siting

  • Land use policy and rulemaking

  • Renewable energy siting policy

  • Stakeholder engagement

  • Permitting compliance

  • Land use planning

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